Friday, January 18, 2013

UPDATE: 01/18/13

For our class session on Tuesday, 22 January please read pages 26-48 in The Resistance to Poetry, which correspond to the chapters 3 and 4. As with the last reading, make sure you are familiar with the general concepts of each chapter, at least to the extent that you can summarize Longenbach's arguments in your own words. We will have a quiz at the beginning of Tuesday's session, followed by a discussion about both disjunction and the relationship between song and story.

Also, click-through the following links to the online journal H_NGM_N and read the Noah Falck poems and the online journal Toad and read the Matt Hart poems. While reading these poems, think about the concepts we've covered in Longenbach and consider how they function within the context of these selections. Also, as with the Sturm poems, think about how some of the lines from these poems can be read as meta-poetic statements.

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